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TMA Membership Categories

Membership is open to all professionals interested in corporate renewal, including business transformation, turnaround, and business rescue, who manage, provide professional services to or fund troubled companies; or who govern, educate and study the industries and disciplines of corporate renewal.

Membership is on an individual, non-transferable basis i.e. not in a firm's name

Regular members

  • Corporate turnaround managers working in line management positions in turnaround situations, and interim turnaround managers.
  • Service providers to 1) troubled companies and 2) the financiers of troubled companies:
    • Turnaround practitioners and business rescue practitioners;
    • Corporate renewal consultants, business transformation consultants, turnaround consultants and business rescue consultants;
    • Attorneys, accountants and financial advisors;
    • Management consultants in strategy, leadership, finances, organisation and operations;
    • Insolvency practitioners focusing on business rescue rather than liquidation.
  • Investors in and lenders to troubled companies:
    • Restructuring executives of banks and Development Fund Institutions, bankers and other lenders;
    • Investment officers of institutional investors, venture capital and private equity investors, development funds, etc.


Individuals who are in the employ of a governmental agency or who are members of a legislative body or who are judges.


Individuals who are engaged in the academic profession and who participate or contribute to the turnaround management business through their teaching, writing, research or other professional activities.


Individuals who are attending a college or university full time, and who are interested in pursuing studies related to the turnaround management business.

Students may not vote or hold elective office.

Note that membership renewals receive a 10% discount if paid by January.

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