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Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum of Association, Articles of Association, By-laws of TMA-SA

The Turnaround Management Association - Southern Africa (TMA-SA) is an association incorporated under Section 21.  Copies of the staturoy documents are available for download in the column on the right.

Licensing agreement

Interest among corporate renewal professionals all over the world in being affiliated with the Turnaround Management Association is growing rapidly.

In turn, TMA's leadership has sharpened its focus on ways to better serve existing chapters and promote potential ones outside of the United States and Canada.

To encourage and support the growth of its membership worldwide, beginning January 1, 2006, TMA has put into effect a new licensing model and pricing structure for all its international chapters, including Southern Africa.

This new model has been developed from input of the international chapters, including our own, as well as best practices from similar organisations.

Implications of the licensing agreement

The licensing system will provide both the structure and flexibility that current and future international chapters will need to address their varying cultural, financial, and organisational needs.

While the services and benefits available to licensees and their members will be reduced from TMA, those that are most valuable and relevant to them will remain – see summary of details below.

They include the ability to use the globally recognized TMA logo and brand, membership listings in TMA’s Directory of Members and Services, and the opportunity to participate in TMA events at member prices.

Some other services, such as receiving The Journal of Corporate Renewal, will be optional to licensees, subject to special pricing arrangements.

Key features of the licensing system include:

  • The license will be granted for an exclusive regional area to a not-for-profit entity.
  • The licensee will be authorised to use the TMA brand and logo for all chapter events.
  • All of the chapter’s members will be required to abide by TMA’s Code of Ethics.
  • A chapter representative will be a voting member of TMA’s Board of Directors.
  • The licensee will set and collect membership fees in accordance with local cultural expectations, business practices and economic conditions.  The licensee will pay a base membership fee to TMA for each of its chapter members.
  • The licensee will pay the initial license fee, annual renewal fee and membership fees.
  • Strict guidelines will be imposed upon the use of TMA intellectual property.

These changes will enable TMA’s international chapters to retain needed resources that can be used to increase their membership and promote the corporate renewal industry in their regions.

The positive financial impact on our Southern Africa organisation is enormous.

Instead of repatriating members’ full annual fees to TMA, the new dispensation allows us to retain a substantial portion of membership fees to cover necessary expenses for value-adding services and products such as a secretariat, newsletter, events, education, promoting members’ services, etc.

However, our chapter will now have to administer new member registration, annual renewals and members’ fee collection itself.  We are working hard to have such a system in place before year-end.

Impact of the licensing agreement

What Turnaround Management Association - Southern Africa still get under the license arrangement

  • Use of the TMA Brand.
  • Representation of a voting member of the TMA Board of Directors.
  • Hosting of web site (financial transactions and membership administration excluded) or link to Chapter operated site.
  • Access to monthly licensee conference calls - these calls provide a opportunity for chapter leadership to share ideas and discuss important TMA issues.
  • Monthly calls include:
    • Director: Programme Call - 1st Tuesday of the month.
    • Secretary Call - 1st Thursday of the month.
    • CEO Call - 2nd Tuesday of the month.
    • Director: Public Relations Call - 3rd Tuesday of the month.
    • Director: Membership Chair Call - 4th Tuesday of the month.
  • Access to TMA web site.
  • Access to TMA Leadership Web.
  • Electronic International Newsletter.
  • Member pricing for all TMA events and membership in local chapter.
  • Special discounted rate for INSOL membership.

What Turnaround Management Association - Southern Africa loses under the license arrangement

  • Financial transactions and membership administration on the TMA web site. [Comment: this we will now have to do ourselves.]
  • Subscription to The Journal of Corporate Renewal.   Members can order at $125 annual subscription or $15/single issue, and the chapter can order bulk copies at $3/copy plus shipping.   [Comment: Members can still read the Journal articles on the TMA web site for free.   The Journal is not a big loss since the material is USA-centric.   Our planned own Newsletter is intended to replace the Journal of Corporate Renewal anyway.]
  • Translation costs or translation services at any event.
  • Access to ACTP programmes or the Body of Knowledge [Comment: Will be available through the establishment of a Southern Africa licensee of the ACTP though.]
  • Dues allocation
  • Access to chapter-based grant programmes, chapter loans or emergency funds.
  • TMA Directory [Comment: Elsewhere in the TMA document this statement is contradicted i.e. may still be available - will clarify].
  • Access to educational modules or programmes [Comment: we plan to set up local programmes anyway.]
  • Any item or service not specifically listed above under Member Benefits.

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