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TMA SA Membership Statistics

Membership of TMA-SA is open to turnaround and corporate renewal professionals of all disciplines who share a common interest in strengthening the economy through the restoration of corporate value.

Note, however, that the Board of Directors as the guardian of TMA-SA’s Code of Ethics reserves the right not to accept a membership application.

Our members represent disciplines that:

  • Manage, provide professional services to and fund troubled companies; and
  • Govern, educate and study the industries and disciplines of turnaround, corporate renewal and business rescue across all the stages of corporate decline - from emerging problems to acute and worsening problems to insolvency.

Informal sector vs. formal sector

In the past, TMA-SA members were involved only in the informal sector e.g. corporate renewal and turnaround (management-led correction and informal creditor workout) outside of the framework of legislation.

TMA-SA members now also operate in the formal sector involving business rescue of financially distressed companies terms of new business rescue legislation implemented on 1 May 2011.

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