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Consistency is sometimes better than being better

09 March 2021 Author :  

In business, consistency is almost always better than being better. I realise that this is somewhat of a confusing statement, but let me try and explain it by way of an example.

Some time ago a motor manufacturer launched a new sports model that was priced way out of the reach of the average person and similarly out of the reach of the sales people promoting their range on the sales floor of their dealerships.

Seeing this opportunity the dealership decided to launch an in-house competition amongst its sales force. Simply, the person with the best sales figures will have the honour to drive one of the sports models for the next month. This challenge was to run for twelve months and the salesperson with the best sales figures for the year would be awarded the car.

The important part of this challenge was that the person that eventually receive the vehicle at the end of the year was never a recipient of the vehicle for any of the twelve months. Thus, although he was never the best he was consistently in the top 3. So in his case being consistent was better than being the best in any one month. So ask yourself: would you rather drive someone else’s car for a month or ultimately becoming the owner of this car.

Another perhaps easier explanation is that the large burger franchises don’t necessarily make the best burgers, but irrespective where you buy that burger it will be of the same quality.

Don’t try and be the best, just provide a fair service at a reasonable price and be consistent in your quality and service.

Pat Pattinson
Chief Operating Officer

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