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TMA-SA CEO Insights October 2021

By Bruce Berry, CEO of TMA-SA

The recent relaxation of the lockdown restrictions has resulted in an upsurge in travelling for some South Africans, with many making plans for the festive season. In addition, the government’s recent introduction of an electronic COVID Vaccination Certificate and the country being removed from the UK’s “red list” has been welcome news, as the tourism and leisure sector has been among the worst hit by the adverse effects of the pandemic.

However, as we approach the holiday season, let us not lower our guard and see an increase in infections, as was the case last year.

The forthcoming local government election has once again focused attention on the state of the country’s municipalities. Being the sphere of government with which most people interact, it should be the most responsive to citizens’ needs. During the past few weeks, as electioneering got into full swing, there have been numerous accounts of the failings of many local authorities. This failure is where turnaround specialists can make meaningful contributions, although it receives little attention from members.

The Association recognises the difficulties in dealing with municipalities and has repeatedly raised this issue at various forums. Once the dust has settled after the election, we will once again offer the services of our members in an effort to make a positive contribution towards improving the functioning of local government.

At our recent Board meeting, it was agreed that TMA-SA needs to refocus and prepare itself for the post-COVID “new normal”. A strategy session will be held at the end of January, which will focus on, among others, the performance of the Board and Exco to ensure that the Association adds value for its members. A review and update of our various policies are underway, most notably the Code of Conduct, while an upgrade of the website and a more focused marketing initiative will also be undertaken.

On behalf of the Board and members of the Association, I would like to extend my thanks to Stiaan Lamprecht and Gareth Cremen, both of whom have resigned from the Board, for their contribution and service to TMA-SA over many years. I would also like to take this opportunity to welcome our new Board members, Tiaan Herbst and Paul Bester. Tiaan has kindly agreed to assist with marketing and Paul will head up the Disciplinary Committee.  We wish both our former, and newly appointed Board members every success in their new endeavours.









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