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TMA-SA CEO Insights March 2021

We held our first event of the year last week, further details about which you will find later in the Newsletter. The theme of this virtual event was “Onwards and Upwards” and I hope, the technical gremlins notwithstanding, that those who participated in the event found it informative. We were delighted to have a 5 min presentation from Scott Stuart, CEO of TMA Global, who highlighted the importance of the TMA Brand, the growth of TMA and the focus of closer co-operation between chapters. In the current economic environment, co-operation amongst turnaround professionals is needed more than ever before. It is exciting to see that new TMA Chapters have recently been formed in France, Chile and Mexico City, and with our help, TMA West Africa is on its way too! Thank you once again to all those that participated and in particular, I would like to thank Pat Pattinson for his enthusiasm for putting the event together and ensuring that it took place. 

Special mention must also be made to all the Award winners. We hope that this will become a regular feature whereby due recognition can be given to our members who work hard to make a difference, and who also give of their time and effort to ensuring that the Association continues to flourish and grow.  The recognition is well deserved. Please don’t forget to nominate worthy recipients in future. Congratulations to Pat for having been awarded the Key Contributor Award. Pat has been a TMA-SA member for over 10 years and has filed 39 substantial Business Rescue Implementations which has saved over 1700 jobs. He has also devoted a considerable amount of time and energy to TMA by serving on various committees, together with assisting with establishing our various social media platforms and upgrading our website.

I would also like to thank the event sponsors and the members of the Practice Note panel. Without these contributions, TMA-SA would certainly not be in a position to continue “Onwards and Upwards”. The Easter long weekend and school holidays are almost upon us. I hope members will have a chance to catch their breath before launching into what looks like is going to be a very busy second quarter. Enjoy the holidays and to those observing Passover and Easter, Chag sameach and God Bless.

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