CPD Online Courses

In our efforts to provide Practitioners and Professionals with opportunities for Continuing Professional Development, we have aligned with ChartAll Online Learning to provide a select range of online courses.

  • The course titles will link you directly to the Chartall portal to sign up, pay, and get started.
  • The TMA SA will be provided with course outcomes, as and when courses are completed.
  • Completed courses will count towards your CPD points accumulated within the calendar year.
  • You need to acquire a total of 36 verifiable CPD hours within a rolling 3 year period.

Below is a list of TMA SA recommended courses, in respect of our CPD Program.

Short Courses for CPD Hours

Negotiation Skills
Cost: R1000
CPD Hours: 5


Negotiations are not only reserved for the boardrooms and business individuals in clad suits. Negotiations are undertaken by those who seek to resolve issues in a mutually beneficial manner, no matter what setting you might find yourself in.

This course will take you through the groundwork necessary for negotiations, bargaining techniques, and closing a deal that may be outside the boardroom or on behalf of someone else. The skills you will learn here will stand you in good stead both in your work life and personal life.

You will have the opportunity to learn from industry experts in negotiation such as Michel Ghazal (founder and Chairman of the European Negotiation Centre) and Adam Grant (an author, leading expert on finding motivation and Wharton’s top-rated professor for seven years in a row).

Practical emotional intelligence
Cost: R1000
CPD Hours: 6


In the highly dynamic, collaborative and occasionally conflicted modern working world, emotional intelligence is a critical work-life skill for survival. This course focuses on emotional intelligence for the individual as it builds the skills and understanding to navigate social interactions and manage emotional responses. Personal effectiveness is increased through a greater understanding and application of emotional intelligence, which in turn leads to higher success rates in both personal and work environments.

Emotional intelligence is important for the individual to learn how to navigate social interactions and manage emotional responses. A greater understanding and application of emotional intelligence has been linked to higher success rates in both personal and work environments.

You can look forward to an interactive learning journey and lectures from renowned professors and best-selling authors such as Adam Grant (an author, leading expert on finding motivation and Wharton’s top-rated professor for seven years in a row)
and Marie R. Miyashiro (an internationally recognised author, business consultant, facilitator, keynote speaker).

Customer service essentials
Cost: R1000
CPD Hours: 4


The economy is taking strain, and every customer is valuable and vital to every company’s sustainability. More so than ever before companies are realising that “customer service” is not a department or an area in the company – it is an attitude that every staff member needs to embrace and practice.

This course will guide all staff to understand the importance of customer service, demonstrate how to approach customer interactions and teach everyone how to handle themselves in difficult situations.

Learn from lecturers like Shep Hyken, who is a best-selling author, hall of fame speaker and customer service expert

Management essentials
Cost: R1000
CPD Hours: 6


No matter what business or industry you are in, managing staff and peers is a scarce and critical skill. This highly focused and practical online course guides you through the how, when, where, what and why of proactive management.

This course will take you through the basics of management to equip you with the essentials skills to be an organised, effective and motivated leader.

Learn with the help of industry experts and professors such as JP Eggers (a strategy consultant turned professor) and Gad Allon (a professor and internationally acclaimed operations management expert).

Problem solving and decision making  
Cost: R2000
CPD Hours: 6


Problem solving is one of the most important skills that people require. We are exposed to a variety of problems and opportunities and we need to make strategic, tactical, and operational decisions daily.

Psychologists and business people alike have discovered that successful problem solvers tend to use the same type of process to identify and implement the solutions to their problems. This course will teach you how to work quickly and efficiently through a systematic approach in order to make the best decisions and to solve problems effectively.

Learn from award-wining professors, senior consultants and directors such as Jean-Claude Larreche, Nabil Harfoush and Nidhi Kalra.

Organisational ethics and corporate culture
Cost: R1000
CPD Hours: 6


Corporate culture in any organisation sets the tone for decision making and performance. In light of all the world’s faults, we should emphasis on ethics, standards and a sense or morality. The benefits of an ethical corporate culture are long reaching and should be prioritised.

It is up to top management to set the corporate culture and ethics tone for an organisation. Although you cannot possibly control the actions and behaviours of all the employees in an organisation, you can learn to manage and direct them. This course will assist you with the effective management of corporate culture and ethics in the workplace.

Learn from leaders in corporate social responsibility and innovation management like
Gregory Katz, and Professors such as Isaac Getz.

Diversity in the workplace
Cost: R1000
CPD Hours: 4


All workplaces are diverse, which if used properly, adds value in decision making and other processes. However, people fear those who are ‘not like me’, so learning about how to manage and participate in a diverse workforce will help to create and improve inclusive, positive and equitable teams.  

This diversity in the workplace short course will help equip you with the skills needed to manage diversity more effectively and use it to grow and enhance your business.

Cost: Free
CPD Hours: 4


"At its core, [entrepreneurship] is a mindset – a way of thinking and acting. It is about imagining new ways to solve problems and create value." – Bruce Bachenheimer

This course looks at entrepreneurship and gives you the skills to evaluate yourself and your business ideas. When you are done, you should look at the world a little differently, a little more creatively and a little more like an entrepreneur.

Presentation skills
Cost: R1000
CPD Hours: 2


Does public speaking scare you?
Or perhaps you don’t mind the occasional office presentation, but you just don’t know how to knock that presentation out of the park!

Many studies have found that public speaking is the number one fear amongst most people. This fear outranks flying, the fear of snakes, insects, and even death. Ironically, it is also one of the skills that we use often and a skill that can make or break a person's career.

In this short and sweet online course, you will master the art of speaking and presenting. Our aim is to make public speaking less terrifying and more enjoyable.

Class of business – category 3 Long Term Insurance
Cost: R500
CPD Hours: 8


On this programme you will learn all about Class of business - Category 3 Long Term Insurance which includes:

  • Assistance policy
  • Life risk policy
  • Life investment policy
  • Fund policy
  • Sinking fund policy
  • Long-term reinsurance policy

The new fit and proper requirements as stipulated in the Board Notice 194 of
2017(effective as from 1 April 2018) announced changes to qualification, Regulatory Exams and experience requirements as well as some of the admin requirements.




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