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Accreditation Duration & Status

Each successful member’s accreditation and designation is valid for the year of initial award.

Each TMA-SA member who has earned an accreditation designation will have his/her designation renewed annually for one year at the commencement of TMA-SA’s financial year provided the member has met certain criteria, namely:

  1. That the member continues to remain a paid-up member in good standing of TMA-SA
  2. That the member has paid the accreditation fee
  3. That the member has completed the required continuous professional development (CPD) during the prior year; and
  4. The member has renewed his/her commitment to the TMA-SA’s Code of Conduct with the annual membership renewal.

Candidates that meet all requirements will be awarded the relevant designation by the TMA-SA board and be recognised at a TMA-SA designation graduation function.

Suspension Withdrawal and De-Accreditation of any Member

A member of TMA-SA who has been accredited may have their accreditation and designation withdrawn if the member:

  1. Resigns or loses membership of TMA-SA;
  2. Does not meet the CPD requirements;
  3. Brings the TMA-SA, or TMA Global, into disrepute for any reason whatsoever;
  4. Becomes Insolvent or is convicted of a criminal offence involving dishonesty; or
  5. Is subject to a disciplinary enquiry in terms of the TMA-SA’s Code of Conduct and is expelled from the TMA-SA.


In the event that a member’s accreditation has lapsed for whatever reason, the member in good standing may reapply for accreditation and designation.

Any such re-accreditation needs to be accompanied by payment of the requisite fee and will be subject to the approved accreditation process outlined above.


There is no appeal procedure and the Accreditation Committee’s decision is final.

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