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Accreditation Committee

The TMA SA Accreditation Committee is a voluntary standing committee that is constituted each year by the Board of the TMA-SA.

The Accreditation Committee will consist of five members, of which at least two will also be TMA-SA Board members. In addition, three members of the Accreditation Committee must be members of the TMA-SA Education Sub-Committee.

he five members will be selected at the sole discretion of the Board from TMA-SA members in good standing who may be nominated by the Board or any other TMA-SA member in good standing.

Roles & Responsibilities

he role of the Accreditation Committee is to oversee the accreditation process of TMA-SA and to ensure that a high standard of professionalism is promoted and maintained amongst members within the wider turnaround industry. The Committee will be responsible for managing the accreditation process on an ongoing basis.  In particular, the Committee is responsible for maintaining a high professional standard in the accreditation process. The Committee is also responsible for appointing and providing oversight of the Assessment Panel (see section 7).

In fulfilling this responsibility the Committee may from time to time review the policies, procedures and standards for accreditation. The Accreditation Committee will be responsible for the final accreditation approval, or otherwise, that is to be granted to any TMA-SA member. The decision of the Committee in this respect is final and is not subject to an appeal.

It is possible that the designation applied for is more senior than what the Accreditation Committee awards. In such an instance, the entire application will not be rejected and the appropriate designation will then be awarded.

Assessment Panel

  • The Accreditation Committee will appoint the Chair of the Assessment Panel.
  • The Assessment Panel will consist of a pool of suitably skilled and experienced turnaround professionals.
  • The Panel will assess the applicant’s portfolio of evidence.
  • The final step in the accreditation process is a Panel Assessment and Interview.
  • The Panel that carries out this task will consist of three people drawn from the assessment pool.

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