Turnaround certification policies

The Certification Governance Board (CGB) is comprised of professionals from the turnaround industry and is be responsible for overseeing all certification activities independent of TMA-SA’s Board of Directors.

These activities include establishing and upholding standards for initial certification, recertification, and continuing education, issuing certificates to individuals who meet these standards, and establishing and maintaining a disciplinary process for certified professionals.

The Standards Subcommittee of the Certification Governance Board is responsible for upholding certification standards as set forth by the Certification Governance Board.

This includes reviewing, approving, rejecting, or deferring applications for certification, establishing and maintaining ethical and professional standards for turnaround professionals and implementing appropriate disciplinary actions against turnaround professionals who have violated the standards.

Important Documents

Applicants and candidates should familiarize themselves with the following documents:

Rules and Regulations

The Rules and Regulations of the Certification Governance Board is contained in a document that outlines the structure and function of the program’s governing body, the policies and procedures for applying for, obtaining, and renewing certification, the disciplinary and appeals process, and the responsibilities of applicants, TMA-SA's staff, and the Certification Governance Board and its subcommittees with regard to the certification programme.

This document will be available soon.

Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics is a set of guidelines for conduct in the crisis management and corporate renewal industry and turnaround professionals must agree, in writing, to abide by these Canons and Ethical Standards upon initial certification and annually.

CTP Candidate Handbook

The CTP Candidate Handbook provides detailed instructions for completing all steps in the certification process to obtain initial certification.

This document will be available soon.

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