Applying for Professional Certification

Please note that the information on this page is provisional until the certification programme has been officially established


Eligibility criteria for the different qualifications are listed for each qualification under Turnaround professional qualifications.

Application process

The application process involves the following steps:

  • Completion and submission of an application portfolio.
  • Determination of eligibility by the Standards Subcommittee of TMA-SA’s certification programme (in-depth portfolio review) and notification of eligibility.
  • Successful completion of three examinations in the case of a CTP, and in the case of a TP-C within 1 year of the first CTP exams.
  • Successful completion of a public comment phase (one 60-day period for a CTP, H-CTP and TP-C, two 60-day periods for a CTP-D ) after publishing the candidate's name on the web site of TMA-SA.

Step-by-step instructions and detailed application information will be found in the CTP Candidate Handbook to be published.

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