Academic Subcommittee

The Certification Governance Board appoints the Chairperson of the Academic Subcommittee.

The Chairperson of the Academic Subcommittee, with the Certification Governance Board, is responsible for recruiting subject matter expert contributors to the development of a body of knowledge applicable for the turnaround and corporate renewal practices within South Africa.

These subject matter experts will serve as the Academic Subcommittee, and must have extensive knowledge of South Africa legal, managerial, and accounting and financial regulations.

Individuals’ names, titles, contact information and bios must be provided to TMA International’s Certification Oversight Committee.  In addition, TMA-SA must provide the name, contact information, and credentials of the chairpersons of the Academic Subcommittee to TMA International’s Director of Certification for approval by TMA International’s Certification Oversight Committee prior to final appointment.

TMA International’s Certification Oversight Committee must be notified if there is a change of Chair of the Academic Subcommittee, and the name, contact information, and credentials of the new individual must be provided.

The Academic Subcommittee will perform the following functions:

  • Preparing for approval by the Standards Subcommittee a South African body of knowledge required for certification, customised from the body of knowledge of TMA.
  • Preparing, administering and scoring South African certification examinations, with reference to the examinations of TMA.
  • Administering the continuing education and recertification programmes.

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